Meaning “safe” in German. It used to be in a bank vault, but for various reasons it has shut and reopend a couple of times in new locations. Now it is under a water power plant in  the centre of Berlin. It is a techno heaven, so full of smoke you can’t see your own hands in front of your face. Standing in front of the speakers you can feel your hair shaking around your ears, whilst your ear drums are crumpling under the pressure from an old school 90s techno rave. It is a surreal experience, raving next to mystery faces, not knowing which way is up..!

Frank Sonic was a new face to Tresor on 13/06/12. He has been on the techno scene for over 10 years now, flawlessly spinning vinyl with the some of the most ridiculous techno that I have personally heard. There is no way that you could access this outside of Berlin. His soundcloud page gives a range of his stuff, but unfortunately does not match up to his live show but is of course still banging. His harsh, sharp face matches the music he plays – don’t mess with it, this is the shit. Have a listen to the mix below for a taster..




Toby Lyons – Summer Mix 2011 for Fluffy Logic


1. Eats Everything – Entrance Song
2. Damir Pushkar – Bahran (Asad Rizvi Remix)
3. Jef K & Chris Carrier – Happiness
4. Solarity – Chinchilla
5. Inland Knights – Not Alone
6. Markus Lange – Ade Ade (hanne & lore remix)
7. Luca Lozano – Heaven & Hell
8. Fuzz U – Carnival (2Elements Remix)
9. Parov Stelar – KissKiss
10. Asad Rizvi – Me Tangere
11. HOSH – Cash The Chord
12. Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Trentemoller Remix)
13. Scuba – Feel It
14. Voodeux – Just A Spoonful
15. 123XYZ – Groove Amigos (Original Club Mix)
16. Bass Kleph & Filthy Rich – These Mornings
17. La Fleur – Flowerhead (Spencer Parker Remix)


This is a great housey mix which exhibits what Fluffy Logic are all about. Its feel good and great to dance to whilst being experimental and original. It is funky, got disco vibes and a great beat all rolled into one. It starts off lightly, gets a little heavier, mellows out and straight back to funky floor fillers. It is a mix which seems to work from the vibes of the crowds that would be listening. It is refreshingly different and combines well known music and the slightly more obscure. Take the time to listen to this mix!


Fluffy Logic will be holding their Springle Spangle on March 10th in Bussey Building in SE14…here’s what they say about this magical night…
Come join us for a cup of diddle-ee tea,
Under the light of the fibre optic tree,
The Fluffilogical Lounge has a whole host of treats,
While the dancefloor grooves to those bouncy house beats

♥ DJs♥
Asad Rizvi
Toby Lyons
Alfred Taylor
Disco Patrick

♥ VJs & Lighting♥
Stuart Warren Hill (Hexstatic / Holotronica)
The Ombudsman (As Described)
Toby Phillpott

♥ ♥ Decor ♥♥ Tea & Cakes ♥♥ Face Art ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ Hannah Geller ♥ ♥ The Diddle-ee Tea Room ♥ ♥ Squiggles & Wiggles ♥ ♥
☆☆☆Nice stuff to look at, talk nonsense, dance til dawn… it’ll be lovely☆☆☆


So valentines day has been and gone….love is still in the air…DJs are feeling generous left, right and centre giving away free music and making us AWESOME MIXES! Soul Clap have done the courtesy of mashing together some banging tunes to tend to our love sick ears… The mix was done for the Oki-Ni series and here is what they say:

Whether you’re in or out of love this Valentine’s Day, we have a real treat for you from the irrepressible Boston duo, Soul Clap.

With a love of funk, disco, house and everything else in between, the pair have raided their respective record collections for songs that vibrate at a certain romantic frequency. The result is 59 minutes of aural sex, spanning the vocal spectrum from the high sensual wail of Prince to the deep baritone croon of Barry White. 

The Soul Clap guys – Charles Levine and Eli Goldstein – had this to say about their mix: 

“This year for valentine’s day we’ve done something a little different. Instead of a mix to share with two we’ve made it for one. A three part story for all your intimate bedroom fun.” “

Grab your lover, head to the bedroom, crank this up and enjoy your night….

TO LISTEN TO these truly romantic times with Soul Clap click on the picture above to take you to



Beat Dimension 11/2/12

I think it is fair to say that Beat Dimension’s launch party in Concorde 2, Brighton was a huge success and a totally awesome party. It was not just the Berlin Techno party monkeys that made the night – the accompanying acts Duff Disco and Klic also showed the crowd how to have a good time. The venue was right, the extra bass was great and, of course, the music was banging.

Duff Disco played an extended set, and really gave it the feel of a Berlin-esque night. The music was heavy – techno and disco all rolled into one – refusal to dance was not an option! Duff Disco built the excitement for Modeselektor and tension was defiantly high before they came to stage. When eventually Modeselektor came to play they were great. They announced, “Oh My Goddddd” in a Zeus-like voice and spider web visuals appeared behind them. Then that amazing, unique Modeselektor bass… Awesome! Bass-heavy techno, full AV show, lights flashing everywhere, lasers going crazy, insane strobes, what more can you want….oh yeh….champagne? We got that too.

Klic ended the night on a high note, going with the vibes of the night and winding it down with some great tunes. He showed off his vast musical range, from techno, to house with atmospheric sounds and nice drum beats. He is defiantly one to play with the feel of the moment and he obviously knows what the crowd want. I asked Klic a few questions following the night:

Re: So how did it feel to follow up Modeselektor? 

K: Mild peril. Manni Dee was due to play that set but unfortunately came down with a nasty illness – he’s ok now though thankfully!

Re: The music I heard you play the other night and what I have listened to on your soundcloud is very varied. There’s house and boogie and much deeper beats. What is your favourite music to make and play?

K: Hard to choose I think, when I play as Klic I have scope to go pretty much anywhere, which is fun.

Re: How long have you been making music for and what got you into the electronic world?
K: About 10 years, though only in recent years that I feel it’s stepped up to a level I’m reasonably happy with
Re: What gear do you use to make your music on? And Decks/CDs/digital?

K: Entirely within a computer, using Ableton Live and Logic, would love some hardware though. DJing-wise, I buy as much vinyl as I can afford, and use CDs to play unreleased/forthcoming stuff

Re: Who are your top 3 produces/DJs of the moment?

K: Too hard to choose as most of the music I listen to isn’t new… right now I’ll say Krystal Klear, I;Cube, Huerco S.

Catch Beat Dimension next Month with their warehouse party in Hackney Downs studios with Karenn, Red Shape and Objekt. Thanks Beat Dimension. Please keep bringing the parties to Brighton 🙂

Photos starting from top: Klic, Modeselektor with AV and Duff Disco

Moody Disco 1st Birthday

February 24th will see the 1st Birthday of Moody Disco and it looks like its going to be a big one. Having seen the likes of Jamie Jones, Miguel Campbell and Richy Ahmed over the past year we all knew that it was always going to be exciting to see what they would bring for the occasion. Of course they have not failed to impress; Clockwork, Alexis Raphael and Russ Yallop from Hot Creations, Moody Disco main man Marlon Mahroyan, Taymor Zadeh from Hot Waves (Hot Creations digital sub-label) and Loren Heer from Brighton’s own In Motion. Moody Disco is moving to the Haunt, having tried several different locations around Brighton. It’s an old cinema converted into a venue with a stage and balcony and sounds like the decision to move here will be a good one, as well Moody Disco have told us they have a great sound system there..!

Clockwork, the Italien Duo Francesco Leali and Federico Maccherone set out on their project in 2010 and say themselves “Clockwork isn’t really something that was thought through, it went through actually no stages of planning whatsoever”. They seem fitting for Moody Disco, their music being on the darker side of Disco moving deeper and in to Techno. Releasing their debut on Hot Creations definitely sent them in the right direction, so we can only hope they continue to make and play awesome beats.


Clockwork – Fabric Promo Mix November 2011




Alexis Raphael’s mix for Moody disco was the pick for Weekly Dose 5, so have a look below to get a feel. Its funky, old and new and well worth getting excited over!

Russ Yallop is is part of the UK’s Crosstown Rebels/Hot Creations crew. He is bringing a new wave of underground house music alongside Lee Foss and Richy Ahmed.  I think he will prove to be the most exciting DJ on the line-up playing great dance tracks which are edgy and original.


Russ Yallop – Crossroads (Fur Coat Remix)




Taymor Zadeh and Russ Yallop – U Know



Tickets are on sale at for £12/10/8. Snap them up early before you miss out!


Alexis Raphael (Hot Creations) – Moody Disco Mix



Alexis Raphael will be a guest at Moody DIsco this month in Brighton. Moody disco will be celebrating their 1st Birthday at The Haunt on 24/2/12. It looks to be a spectacular night with pumping house music, big and small names and in a brand new location! This mix really gives a taste of what the night will set out to be. Alexis Raphael is from Lower East London, which he says has inspired him with his music where he also plays regularly. 2011 saw the release of “Spaceship”, his debut that caught the attention of Jamie Jones and Lee Foss. From there he has gone on to make his own mark on the world of electronic music by doing high profiled remixes and “injecting soul across dance floors worldwide” (RA). The Moody Disco mix really proves Raphael’s talent of knowing what his listener wants. It has House written all over it whether it be old or new, it just works. It only leaves me in suspense for the Moody Disco night this month.


Alexis Raphael – Spaceship


Also playing at Moody Disco will be Loren Heer who seems to be a rising new talent. Having seem him play at Inmotion Brighton at Rik Tik’s I do think he is one to look out for. He really knew how to get the dance floor going with the deeper side of House music. Its dark and got a great beat, defiantly right for the other side of midnight. Have a listen to his podcast below…

If you can’t make it for the Moody Disco night, In Motion now has a monthly slot at Riki Tik where Loren will be playing this month 18/2/12.  



Loren Heer – In Motion Podcast 3




1. Lies – Jennifer Cardini/Shonky 
2. Sleepwalking (Will Saul/Tam Cooper) – Steve Lawler 
3. Top Drop (Roman Flugel) – Darabi 
4. Roudor & Capulet – Shonky 
5. Aguacate – Dyed Soundorom 
6. Black Door Beauty – Lee Curtiss 
7. Hungry For The Power (Jamie Jones) – Azuri & III 
8. Phantasy (Kevin Griffiths) – Motorcitysoul 
9. Owe Me (Deniz Kurtel) – No Regular Play 
10. Sweet Humming – Tom Demac 
11. Low Rider (Subb-An/Adam Shelton) – Jordan Peak 
12. Is – Barem 
13. Cubaquest – Kevin Griffiths/Okain 
14. Riding On Electric – Mihai Popoviciu 
15. One Chance At Happiness – Deniz Kurtel

Tiger and Woods – Kleine Melodie Podcast


[00:00] Pop & Eye – Can’t Let Bluto
[08:00] Clyde Brown – Your Wish Is My Command (edit)
[15:00] Super Value – Special Edits 5 (A1) (original: the following)
[19:30] Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – Back Together Again
[22:30] Shalamar – A Night To Remember (edit)
[26:00] Alphabet City Edits – I’d Like Too
[29:00] Patrice Rushen – Never Gonna Give You Up (edit)
[35:45] Ray Mang & Nathan D’troit – Off Side (edit)
[45:00] Justin Vandervolgen – Nice Costume
[51:00] Ben Sun – Salty Tears
[58:00] Britney Spears – Boys (edit)
[1:04:00] Pop & Eye – Spinach Spaceship (original: Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop The Dance)
[1:11:00] Starshine – All I Need Is You (edit)
[1:13:30] Starshine – All I Need Is You (Vocal Mix)
[1:18:00] Collage – Romeo Where’s Juliet (edit)

Tiger & Woods will be playing in Finland, Italy and Spain over the next couple of months so keep your eyes peeled.

Here is a preview of Tiger and Woods’ latest remix. Of course they have made it effortlessly disco and house, giving you that sensation to lead you to a funky dance floor. Its modern and old school and without doubt keeping up with the latest trends is the new disco scene. This is all the info they give us;

It’s the 80s. A young boy is growing up to the soundtrack of Electro Funk, drawing influence from the likes of Jackson, The Whispers and D-Train and developing a genuine passion for music. Around 20 years later in November 2011, this boy is releasing his debut album “Pitchslap” on Compost Records.
The debut album have reached premium respect and massive props from press and party folk, went straight into the top 10 at Beatport and RA charts as well as was voted as best „disco“ newcomer in 2011 in DJ Mag and Trax.

Finally the first remix package is ready to emphasize the quality, sexyness and extravagance of Pitchben’s discotheque. Tiger & Woods, Runaway (the companion-flagship of Marcos Cabral and Jaques Renault) and again Russian supertalent Sportloto delivering slick shapely remixes of the stand out tunes „Stand Up“ and Pitchben’s superb cover version of D-train classic „Keep Giving Me Love“ .

Pitchben – Stand Up

The full version will be released on February 17th 2012…..we look forward to it !

So Bloc announce the first acts on their line up. Orbital and Flying Lotus to be headliners….slightly disappointing to say the least. However in all honesty the line up is exactly what was to be imagined and the other acts do make up for the quite predictable headliners. They have secured massive names in all areas of the electronic music world; Orbital, double act legends from the days of the warehouse parties around the M25 and Flying Lotus the genre-less master of post-hip-hop-electronic-jazz-spacey music, so why the disappointment with these headliners..? But……

There is no lack of bass….Addison Grove, Pinch, Joy Orbison, Scuba and his new AV show, Jack Master and Hudson Mohawk.

There is no lack of Berlin…ATOL, Ricardo Villalobos, Apparat Band and Ellen Allien

There is no lack of Detroit…..69 with Carl Craig and Jeff Mills

And there is no lack of new artists with Lucy from Italy giving us techno layered with dub and textured with IDM ….well just give it a listen below

Lucy – Beautiful People


I know the line up will only get better and bigger….so wait and see what they have in store for us….

Nights that will be worth YOUR while this month!

Keep watching this post as more are added over the course of the month….but here it goes so far…

Wednesday 1st

Donky Pitch at Green Door Store, Brighton. Friends of Friends tour with Shlohmo, Salva, Warm Thighs, Torus and Donky DJs. From 7-10pm, £6

Thursday 2nd

Bedrock at XOYO, London. Bedrock returns to the capital with its residents. Old school legend John Digweed and Jozif play extended sets over 2 rooms. 9.30pm – 3am

Saturday 4th

Bar 25 (Berlin) Funfair Mayhem, venue TBA, London. With Kenny Larkin, Matthew Styles, Danny Faber and Robin Ordell. Infamous Bar 25 has now been sadly closed in Berlin so they can build office blocks in its space…..(?!$?!) but in tune with keeping it alive Half Baked are bringing it to London. There will be the circus spirit fully intact with clowns, fire jugglers, aerial artists and many other surprises. Tickets £15, 10pm – 7am

Schtumm! at Riki Tik, Brighton. Neal Lewis and Sam Watts will be playing house, deep house and disco from 9pm for free!

Krystal Klear at The Tube, Brighton. ‘Manchester heavy-weight boogie house merchant’ Krystal Klear will be in Brighton for 80s groove, house, 90s hip hop….banging! Also joined by Action Jackson, Filippo, Loren Heer and Matt Barker. From 11pm £5/3

Friday 10th

Tangerine at Lockside Lounge, Camden. FREE PARTY! With Geddes, Justin Steel, Dave Ritchie, Jon Gray and Mike Mackeeg. 6pm – 3am, Free entry. Arrive early for the first tangerine party of the year!

Saturday 11th

Beat Dimension at Concorde 2, Brighton. With Modeselektor (Full AV show), Duff Disco, Manni Dee and KLIC. 10pm -5am from £15. See ‘Beat Dimension – preview for more details’ earlier in the blog

The Big Love Inn at The Loft, Brighton. It is a charity fundraiser and tickets are £5 from 10pm

Friday 17th

Motel and Schtumn presents Maya Jane Coles at Audio, Brighton. Also with Neal Schtumm, Charles Green followed by an after party at The Tube with special guest from Berlin: Re.You. Maya Jane Coles is a talent within the electronic music world with a bass heavy approach ranging from house, techno to dub….watch this space.

Maya Jane Coles – Parallel Worlds

Saturday 18th

Tief at Corsica Studios, London. With Prosumer, Axel Boman, San Soda, Midland, Dan Beaumount, Zoo Look and Residents – Hesseltime, Thick as Thieves and John Malcom Moore From 10pm for £13
Friday 24th
Moody Disco 1st Birthday at The Haunt, Brighton. With Clockwork, Russ Yallop, Alexis Raphael, Taymor Zadeh, Marlon Mahroyan and Loren Heer. After throwing awesome parties for a year, Moody Disco are celebrating their first Birthday at The Haunt which they say “you’re all going to love”. It is an old cinema converted into a club with a huge stage and overlooking balcony and the “system absolutely kicks in there too”. Don’t miss this! Tickets £8/10/12 from 11pm – 6am.

Ed Davenport has been producing since 2006 in the UK and Berlin. He is one to keep an eye out for, if you are not already, as his debut album is due to be released in March 2012. Counterchange will be released on Bristol label NRK music and they say it is ‘a perfect snapshot of electronic dance music as we know it today’. It will feature reworkings of Davenport’s singles ‘More Red Lights’ and ‘New Yorkshire’. His music exhibits British roots which have been clearly influenced by Berlin, a combination of Deep House, Techno and elements of “Breakbeat flair” (RA). As Davenport himself says   his latest album will “sit somewhere between the club and home listening.” He produces quality electronic music as well as being a great mixer and it is needlessly said that this is a long awaited debut album by a producer that has been in the mix for the past  6 years! Davenport is playing a Counterchange album release show at Berghain/Panorama Bar where he is a regular act – don’t miss this if you are in Berlin!

Counterchange Track List

01. Of Light & Shade
02. Counterchange
03. New Yorkshire (Inception Mix)
04. Djungel Alliance
05. Cyanotype
06. More Red Lights (2012)
07. One Last Look
08. A Bridge Mystic
09. Misty Morning Hop
10. Somewhere
11. Sarum

Ed Davenport – More Red Lights



There are quite a lot of his mixes available online but this is a particular favourite, recorded this time last year. It blur’s genre lines together well, whilst not loosing that ever important house presence! Its light and heavy, thumping bass, subtle bass, glitchy melodies, spacey noises, big drops, claps and the general excellent listening…give it a go…

Ed Davenport -January 2011 DJ Mix



Dates confirmed this year for Ed Davenport

21.04.12 – Panorama Bar – Berlin – ‘Counterchange’ Album Release                                                22.03.12 – Propaganda – Moscow, Russia                                                                                              16.03.12 – Six D.O.G.S – Athens, Greece – We Are Night                                                                         09.03.12 – Soul Box – Vilnius, Lithuania                                                                                                 12.02.12 – Panorama Bar – Berlin, Germany – Falkplatz Sunday Session

Visit Ed Davenport’s website –

Dimensions Festival – Croatia, 6th to 9th September 2012

So the creators of Outlook festival have proved that their taste has broadened beyond Dubstep and Dub….as shown in the line up for their new project Dimensions. It is in the same location as Outlook – Fort Punto Christo, a peninsular surrounded by beautiful, crystal clear sea and shining sun, with very reasonably priced tickets at £120. With regards to the music, Dimensions tell us –

‘With a higher technical specification of sound systems than you will find at any other festival of its size, Dimensions is the perfect place to enjoy the deep end of electronica, the best in techno, house, deep dubstep, drum & bass and other electronic sounds.’ 

The line up includes Moodymann, Marcel Dettmann, Joy Orbison, Kassem Mosse, Gold Panda, Space Dimension Controller, Floating Points, Ben UFO, Ben Klock, Scuba, Andrew Weatherall…so definitely on the deeper end of House, Techno and experimental electronic music. There are few festivals now that are dedicated to these genres so it seems that Dimensions are tapping into a niche market and it is bound to be a success. Idyllic setting, excellent music, great price…. and if the line up continues to expand with artists of the same caliber as those already on it, there is no doubt that it will be one of the most desirable underground electronic festivals of the year. And as well there are beach parties, boat parties, sea to swim in and a general feel good vibe that the sun brings!

Totally Awesome!

For more info and tickets visit

Pictures from Outlook 2011

The Oki-Ni Hot Lunch Mix – Derrick Carter

So here is what Derrick Carter had to say about this mix….

‘Back in the ’80s, WBMX radio here in Chicago used to play a LOT of mixes: there’d be the regular “Friday Night Live – Ain’t No Jive Chicago Dance Party”; the standard Saturday night mixes from 10:00 – 4:00; the after work or rush hour mix; and my fav, “The Hot Lunch Mix”. 

Coming in at noon every weekday, it was a nice little bit of heat to break up the monotony at Walther Lutheran High School. I used to have a lunch period followed by study hall right around that time of the day, so I’d sneak and listen to it while either eating or pretending to do homework. The mixes were always friendly (since it WAS broadcast radio, there was no swearing). And they were usually more on the song and groovy tip than some of the more jacking stuff played at night or on the weekends. 

Using that as my main focus, I decided to go on a disco & classics trip, which I think will work lovely if you want to listen to it while eating lunch at your desk, walking to get some grub, or just sitting on a bench and watching the rest of the world do its thing. 

I hope y’all enjoy it.’ 

-Derrick Carter

It’s funky, it’s soulful, plenty of disco…what more could you ask of Derrick Carter? He was a part of the 90s house revival in Chicago and this mix clearly exhibits those deeply embedded roots. re.fract is defiantly in agreement with Derrick Carter… perfect for eating your lunch too, but also perfect for the dance floor, perfect for the mornings or perking up your day.. in fact it’s just good all the time! Highly recommend that anyone should give this a listen!

Track list

1 Get Off (Acapella) – Foxy
2 Get On Up And Do It Again (Mr. Snippy’s Uptempo Edit) – Suzy Q
3 First Time Around (Special Remix) – Skyy
4 That’s When We’ll Be Free (Special Mix) – State Of Grace
5 Nick Straker BandBuy – Nick Straker Band
6 Caroline Was A Dropout (Razormaid Remix) – Kid Creole and The Coconuts
7 Endicott (Razormaid Remix) – Kid Creole and The Coconuts
8 I Wanna Dance – Kat Mandu
9 Breakaway – First Choice
10 I Love The Piano – Claudio Simonetti
11 Try It Out – Gino Soccio
12 I’ll Tell You (Tee Scott Mix) – Sergio Mendes Brasil ’88
13 Any Love (Dimitry From Paris Edit) – Chaka Khan
14 Sandman (Brett Johnson’s Edit) – Undisputed Truth
15 Music Is My Way Of Life – Patti Labelle

It was recently announced that Bloc is moving to London Pleasure Gardens and a video has been posted below… So what are the general thoughts on this move? Will it change the whole festival for the better or the worse? And who can we expect to see this year at Bloc?

First off, I did query the price – £99 for 2 days of music from 2pm to 6am compared with last years price – £140 which included 3 nights (and added extra of music on the Thursday night also) as well as accommodation on site. However after reading a bit more of their description the price is becoming more and more irrelevant, being overtaken by bubbling excitement!

FIrst, the location. London Pleasure Gardens, located in SE London in the Victoria docks. So it’s on the waters edge in run down industrial buildings with licence till 6am for 2 days. Behind the design of the space is the team from Glastonbury who design the Shangri-la area, which if you haven’t seen it, is really cool and innovative. The Bloc team have said that they “got proper heart palpitations, sweaty palms and unseemly giddiness” knowing that the Shangri-la team would be responsible for the visual aesthetic of their festival. They understand that the quality of the setting should mesh with the music so as to make all your senses feel equally awesome – basically, everything looks cool and sounds cool. One of the stages this year at Bloc will in fact be The Hub from Glastonbury which is featured in the picture below, but hopefully Bloc will be able to improve the quality of the sound as it is always rather disappointing at Glastonbury….. Funktion One’s please?

The Hub, Glastonbury

As well as the Hub, it has been revealed that there will be purpose built venues on land and water and a 30m geodesic dome, all covered…. So it is sounding quite good. And hopefully this year their venue’s won’t reach capacity meaning less people will be left with that empty feeling of disappointment when they missed Aphex Twin.  So more stages also with AV shows, sunrises over the docklands (providing the ever elusive British summer holds out) and the return of Bloc TV. So it is sounding a little more appealing that bingo halls at Butlins? But will that floral carpet and themed toilets be missed? I don’t think so…

So who are we expecting this year? The line up is being announced on Feb 1st, but we can only speculate in the mean time. Richie Hawtin perhaps? The Bloc team did post a query as to why Jeff Mills had never played at Bloc, so were we seeing a rather blatant hint? Maybe the likes of Scuba, Kassem Mosse, Julio Bashmore? The line up last year was mind-blowingly good and there were several highlights so we will have to wait 9 more days to find out…

Here are some excellent memories of last year on the links below…….enjoy

Will Saul Bloc 11

Soul Clap – Bloc 11

Daedelus – Bloc 11

Aerial Shot of Site

So will it be worth the £99 with no bed to roll into and London transport to deal with after a heavy night? We shall have to see…

The Kelly Twins – Mix for In:Motion, Weekly Dose 2

Identical twins, Sean and Dan Kelly, played this set for In:Motion about 4 months ago in Bristol as well as doing it for Bass Music Blog. Originally from Plymouth they have moved on the the Bristol Circuit being promoters and residents of UFO Bristol, Crazy Legs (Bristol Bass Night) and working at the Idle Hands record shop. The mix itself is just really awesome..! You get an absolute sense that they are playing music because it is fun!! It is an eclectic mix with old and new, moving from spacey noises to funky vocals to 80s electro to the centre of Berlin to 8 bitty and swinging through several genres of electronic music. Its as if they have thought “hey I like that track…lets mix it in” and it works! It gives the authenticity that 2 people that really care about music have put this together for everyone to enjoy on a dance floor or sitting in their bedroom. I know they are 2 people who have grown up mixing, I read in an interview that they got their first decks at age 14 and residency at 16! It really shows in this mix and I can understand why they are doing so well in Bristol…hopefully soon we will see them all over the country. Have a listen and enjoy your weekly dose of great music…..

The Kelly Twins – Mix for In:Motion


Track List
OUTBOXX – APORIA // Forthcoming Idle Hands
ERYKAH BADU – HONEY (Souled Remix) // Unreleased
NAIVE MACHINE – AFRIKA (Om Unit remix) // Hit and Hope Records
DOMU – DUSK // Swedish Brandy
MOVE D – UNTITLED // Workshop
RICK ‘POPPA’ HOWARD – WITHOUT YOUR LOVE // Beautiful Granville Records
OMAR S – SET IT OFF // FXHE Recordings
JOHN BELTRAN – BRILLIANT FLOOD (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup remix) // Delsin Records
ATKI 2 – FOOTPRINTS // Unreleased
STEVEN TANG – BASS SYNERGY // Emphasis Recordings
HEAD HIGH – HEAD HIGH // Power House
SURGEON – WIRE // Downwards
AND – HYDROTHERMAL // Forthcoming Idle hands
S-X – WOO RIDDIM // Butterz
KAHN – TEHRAN // Forthcoming Punch Drunk

Next Friday they are playing at Riki Tik in Brighton at a Donky Pitch Night which will be Idle Hands Vs Donky Pitch. Chris Farrell, boss and creator of Idle Hands Bristol will be playing with The Kelly Twins.  I know that “Chris is old school. He only plays vinyl” and guessing from this mix below we can expect a mix of techno, house possible some garage….

From the Donky Pitch side will be blessed with the return of…..Slugabed!!  Why would you miss this when it is free and with lots of awesome music? The EP taster of Slugabed’s is posted below, it really gives a taste of what he is, and what Donky Pitch is all about! Exciting and experimental electronic noises that gel together to make great hip hop beats that stem from the post J-Dilla sound. The production of his bass/dubstep music is getting close to flawless. It is just made for dancing. Its diverse and refreshing to watch live…so side by side with Idle Hands it will prove to be an electronically action packed night.

Idle Hands March mix for Musicbox


Track List

Mr Gasparov – 1975 [Steak House]
Addison Groove – Footcrab [Swamp 81]
Deadboy – If You Want Me [Numbers]
Hanuman – Bola – Atki2 Rmx [Idle Hands]
Peverelist – On & On [Idle Hands]
Shed – Equalized 003-B [Equalized]
Infiniti – Game One [Metroplex]
To Rococo Rot – Fridays (Shackleton West Green Road Remix) [Domino]
Smith & Mighty – U Dub [Punch Drunk Unearthed]
Atki2 & Dub Boy – Tigerflower (Grievous Angel Remix) [Idle Hands]
Atki2 & Dub Boy – Tigerflower [Idle Hands]
Model 500 – The Chase [Metroplex]


Slugabed – Moonbeam Rider EP Tickler


Bloc 2012 – New Location

Check out the video? What does everyone think? London pleasure gardens in South East London. Looks appropriately grimy, beside the river….perhaps its suitable for the UK’s biggest underground electronic music festival?

Beat Dimension is launching (or returning to Brighton) at Concorde 2, February 11th 2012. Formerly Beat Redemption, they have brought us the likes of Flying Lotus, Kode 9, Rustie, Darkstar and King Midas Sound. Beat redemption promoters Matt Broughton and Tom Massey said they would “have a truly epic show lined up for you with some ground breaking international artists” and yes, they have managed to impress by securing Modeselektor, Berlin’s party duo who are perhaps becoming one of the biggest techno DJ acts around. Their UK performances are rare and this time it includes a full AV show… so lets hope its as good as their performance of Black Block in Watergate on the Berlin riverside featured in the video below:

It is however the second half of the line up which I think will prove to be extremely exciting. Duff Disco, KLIC and Manni Dee will be playing alongside Modeselektor in Concorde 2.

Duff Disco is well known for his edits but his music does not stop there as he has released some of his own tracks featured on ‘Phonica Essentials’. He plays Deep House, disco and cosmic pop. The track below is a rework of a Justin Timberlake track. An infamous pop tune, perhaps associated with music that many DJs would steer clear from he has taken and made in to a chilled out tune for the dance floor. He hasn’t just put a heavier 4×4 beat over the top but really made the tune his own, just as he does with all his other edits. The vocals are flawlessly house, added piano, hi hats and the rest of the works.

Duff Disco – Just in Time

KLIC I know very little about, apart from that he is from London. The music I have heard is of a wide variety – boogie, house and experimental. His EP Dachshund Skank was released last October and has garage/dubstepy vibes. Check it out:

KLIC – Dachshund Skank Remixes

Mannie Dee has been floating around the Brighton scene and plays regularly all over town. I have seen him play alongside Daedalus where he really impressed the entire crowd! His beats are quicker than the usual 130bpm, glitchy, as well as plenty of big remixes including Say My Name by Destiny’s Child. Surprisingly it slots right in to his set, in spite of being side by side extremely experimental electronic music. He takes on the hip hop style influenced by J Dilla which proves to be really exciting and catch you off guard, when you think you know whats coming he will always surprise you.

Mannie Dee – Back to Yesterday

Beat Dimension will be at Concorde 2 in Brighton, Febuary 11th from 11pm. Tickets £15 MOTD

Expect outstanding techno and AV from Berlin combine with funky disco, experimental glitches, boogie and a generally a really awesome night! Great debut lined up for Beat Dimension….:D

On the pipeline it seems Will Saul will be making a new ‘concept project’ with DJ October. Will Saul is a renowned DJ and record label owner in house, disco, techno and all things deeper. DJ October aka Julian Smith is a vinyl DJ from Bristol. After seeing Will Saul play in Basing House, Shoreditch last month I know he is capable of combining funk to deep house and get a dance floor moving. He is great at turning organic music in to housey 4×4 beats and moving from old to new……. so combined with DJ October’s more raw and heavier sound what will they be able to produce??

If anyone is lucky enough to be in Berlin this week and staying for the weekend, Will Saul will be playing in Panorama Bar on Friday 21st January.

DJ October – HyperSpace HumanRace (raw floor mix unmastered)


Will Saul – Mix for XOXO August 2011