Meaning “safe” in German. It used to be in a bank vault, but for various reasons it has shut and reopend a couple of times in new locations. Now it is under a water power plant in  the centre of Berlin. It is a techno heaven, so full of smoke you can’t see your own hands in front of your face. Standing in front of the speakers you can feel your hair shaking around your ears, whilst your ear drums are crumpling under the pressure from an old school 90s techno rave. It is a surreal experience, raving next to mystery faces, not knowing which way is up..!

Frank Sonic was a new face to Tresor on 13/06/12. He has been on the techno scene for over 10 years now, flawlessly spinning vinyl with the some of the most ridiculous techno that I have personally heard. There is no way that you could access this outside of Berlin. His soundcloud page gives a range of his stuff, but unfortunately does not match up to his live show but is of course still banging. His harsh, sharp face matches the music he plays – don’t mess with it, this is the shit. Have a listen to the mix below for a taster..





Toby Lyons – Summer Mix 2011 for Fluffy Logic


1. Eats Everything – Entrance Song
2. Damir Pushkar – Bahran (Asad Rizvi Remix)
3. Jef K & Chris Carrier – Happiness
4. Solarity – Chinchilla
5. Inland Knights – Not Alone
6. Markus Lange – Ade Ade (hanne & lore remix)
7. Luca Lozano – Heaven & Hell
8. Fuzz U – Carnival (2Elements Remix)
9. Parov Stelar – KissKiss
10. Asad Rizvi – Me Tangere
11. HOSH – Cash The Chord
12. Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Trentemoller Remix)
13. Scuba – Feel It
14. Voodeux – Just A Spoonful
15. 123XYZ – Groove Amigos (Original Club Mix)
16. Bass Kleph & Filthy Rich – These Mornings
17. La Fleur – Flowerhead (Spencer Parker Remix)


This is a great housey mix which exhibits what Fluffy Logic are all about. Its feel good and great to dance to whilst being experimental and original. It is funky, got disco vibes and a great beat all rolled into one. It starts off lightly, gets a little heavier, mellows out and straight back to funky floor fillers. It is a mix which seems to work from the vibes of the crowds that would be listening. It is refreshingly different and combines well known music and the slightly more obscure. Take the time to listen to this mix!


Fluffy Logic will be holding their Springle Spangle on March 10th in Bussey Building in SE14…here’s what they say about this magical night…
Come join us for a cup of diddle-ee tea,
Under the light of the fibre optic tree,
The Fluffilogical Lounge has a whole host of treats,
While the dancefloor grooves to those bouncy house beats

♥ DJs♥
Asad Rizvi
Toby Lyons
Alfred Taylor
Disco Patrick

♥ VJs & Lighting♥
Stuart Warren Hill (Hexstatic / Holotronica)
The Ombudsman (As Described)
Toby Phillpott

♥ ♥ Decor ♥♥ Tea & Cakes ♥♥ Face Art ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ Hannah Geller ♥ ♥ The Diddle-ee Tea Room ♥ ♥ Squiggles & Wiggles ♥ ♥
☆☆☆Nice stuff to look at, talk nonsense, dance til dawn… it’ll be lovely☆☆☆


So valentines day has been and gone….love is still in the air…DJs are feeling generous left, right and centre giving away free music and making us AWESOME MIXES! Soul Clap have done the courtesy of mashing together some banging tunes to tend to our love sick ears… The mix was done for the Oki-Ni series and here is what they say:

Whether you’re in or out of love this Valentine’s Day, we have a real treat for you from the irrepressible Boston duo, Soul Clap.

With a love of funk, disco, house and everything else in between, the pair have raided their respective record collections for songs that vibrate at a certain romantic frequency. The result is 59 minutes of aural sex, spanning the vocal spectrum from the high sensual wail of Prince to the deep baritone croon of Barry White. 

The Soul Clap guys – Charles Levine and Eli Goldstein – had this to say about their mix: 

“This year for valentine’s day we’ve done something a little different. Instead of a mix to share with two we’ve made it for one. A three part story for all your intimate bedroom fun.” “

Grab your lover, head to the bedroom, crank this up and enjoy your night….

TO LISTEN TO these truly romantic times with Soul Clap click on the picture above to take you to



Beat Dimension 11/2/12

I think it is fair to say that Beat Dimension’s launch party in Concorde 2, Brighton was a huge success and a totally awesome party. It was not just the Berlin Techno party monkeys that made the night – the accompanying acts Duff Disco and Klic also showed the crowd how to have a good time. The venue was right, the extra bass was great and, of course, the music was banging.

Duff Disco played an extended set, and really gave it the feel of a Berlin-esque night. The music was heavy – techno and disco all rolled into one – refusal to dance was not an option! Duff Disco built the excitement for Modeselektor and tension was defiantly high before they came to stage. When eventually Modeselektor came to play they were great. They announced, “Oh My Goddddd” in a Zeus-like voice and spider web visuals appeared behind them. Then that amazing, unique Modeselektor bass… Awesome! Bass-heavy techno, full AV show, lights flashing everywhere, lasers going crazy, insane strobes, what more can you want….oh yeh….champagne? We got that too.

Klic ended the night on a high note, going with the vibes of the night and winding it down with some great tunes. He showed off his vast musical range, from techno, to house with atmospheric sounds and nice drum beats. He is defiantly one to play with the feel of the moment and he obviously knows what the crowd want. I asked Klic a few questions following the night:

Re: So how did it feel to follow up Modeselektor? 

K: Mild peril. Manni Dee was due to play that set but unfortunately came down with a nasty illness – he’s ok now though thankfully!

Re: The music I heard you play the other night and what I have listened to on your soundcloud is very varied. There’s house and boogie and much deeper beats. What is your favourite music to make and play?

K: Hard to choose I think, when I play as Klic I have scope to go pretty much anywhere, which is fun.

Re: How long have you been making music for and what got you into the electronic world?
K: About 10 years, though only in recent years that I feel it’s stepped up to a level I’m reasonably happy with
Re: What gear do you use to make your music on? And Decks/CDs/digital?

K: Entirely within a computer, using Ableton Live and Logic, would love some hardware though. DJing-wise, I buy as much vinyl as I can afford, and use CDs to play unreleased/forthcoming stuff

Re: Who are your top 3 produces/DJs of the moment?

K: Too hard to choose as most of the music I listen to isn’t new… right now I’ll say Krystal Klear, I;Cube, Huerco S.

Catch Beat Dimension next Month with their warehouse party in Hackney Downs studios with Karenn, Red Shape and Objekt. Thanks Beat Dimension. Please keep bringing the parties to Brighton 🙂

Photos starting from top: Klic, Modeselektor with AV and Duff Disco

Moody Disco 1st Birthday

February 24th will see the 1st Birthday of Moody Disco and it looks like its going to be a big one. Having seen the likes of Jamie Jones, Miguel Campbell and Richy Ahmed over the past year we all knew that it was always going to be exciting to see what they would bring for the occasion. Of course they have not failed to impress; Clockwork, Alexis Raphael and Russ Yallop from Hot Creations, Moody Disco main man Marlon Mahroyan, Taymor Zadeh from Hot Waves (Hot Creations digital sub-label) and Loren Heer from Brighton’s own In Motion. Moody Disco is moving to the Haunt, having tried several different locations around Brighton. It’s an old cinema converted into a venue with a stage and balcony and sounds like the decision to move here will be a good one, as well Moody Disco have told us they have a great sound system there..!

Clockwork, the Italien Duo Francesco Leali and Federico Maccherone set out on their project in 2010 and say themselves “Clockwork isn’t really something that was thought through, it went through actually no stages of planning whatsoever”. They seem fitting for Moody Disco, their music being on the darker side of Disco moving deeper and in to Techno. Releasing their debut on Hot Creations definitely sent them in the right direction, so we can only hope they continue to make and play awesome beats.


Clockwork – Fabric Promo Mix November 2011




Alexis Raphael’s mix for Moody disco was the pick for Weekly Dose 5, so have a look below to get a feel. Its funky, old and new and well worth getting excited over!

Russ Yallop is is part of the UK’s Crosstown Rebels/Hot Creations crew. He is bringing a new wave of underground house music alongside Lee Foss and Richy Ahmed.  I think he will prove to be the most exciting DJ on the line-up playing great dance tracks which are edgy and original.


Russ Yallop – Crossroads (Fur Coat Remix)




Taymor Zadeh and Russ Yallop – U Know



Tickets are on sale at for £12/10/8. Snap them up early before you miss out!